• Clément GHANEME

    The IT GUY you need

Three words : Self-taught, Versatile, And Knowledges

Despite my curriculum, I've always been thinking that the best way to gather knowledge, is by yourself. Thanks to a bunch of personal motivation as well as the appropriate graduation,
I've acquired some important knowledge about many aspects of computer science such as...

Network Facilities

Setup everything in order to get a LAN working properly, from the Domain Controller, DHCP, DNS to the AD/DS


Programming and troubleshooting, HTML5, CSS, PHP, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Unity, Unreal and Android SDK

IT Support

Calm, pedagogue, always listening for users suggestions and problems, doing my best to suit all their needs in a good mood

Multimedia Processing

Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, Lightroom, and After Effect no longer hold any secrets for me (Or just a few)

About Me

Don't be fooled, I'm French, and currently living in Rhône-Alpes (France), I've always loved Languages, Music, Animals, Nature and anything which bears the slightest resemblance to some kind of computing devices.
I do also attaches great importance to stay in shipshape, that why I like the long walks in the mountains forests taking great pictures and going multiples times a week to the gym, it's really important to me.
The field where I'm the best, is when it comes to figure out the origin of a problem and how to fix it.

Special mention as well for my ease with various languages and overall communication skills.

MY Skills

Here's a quick summary of my skills :

Network Facilities
IT Support
Multimedia Processing

Why Should You Hire Me

In only one word, versatility, I can either manage a tiny local area network by my own, or a more important one as a part of a team as I've already been in my past experiencesor even create some scripts or a website, assist users in their every days issues or be a trainer, manage a group of peoples as I successfully did in order to to carry out the Arduino project I had to complete to succeed my bachelor.
Not convinced ? Want more details ?
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My Resume

Dec 2012

Traineeship in a University IT Service

Thanks to sir Forestier and his team, I've been able despite my young age at the time, to practice my computer skills, learn some basics about domain management, networks facilities, and IT support in a vast university complex, which gave me a good starting point and allowed me to understand I already had a correct knowledge of the domain and that I should continue this way.
September 2013 to June 2016


In order to continue, I opted for a "BAC, STI2D/SIN" The equivalent Bachelor of Science but in Computer Science with a speciality in Information Systems and Digital. This way I acquired various skills such as engineering and printing 3D models, Arduino programming, hardware "hacking" for Arduino, the studying of electronics and electromechanics devices as well as their conception...
Since September 2016

BTS-SIO/SISR in a dual study programme

Once I obtained my bachelor in computer science, I decided to acquire a deeper comprehension of network facilities due to my first experience back in 2012. As I desired to quickly obtain useful knowledge in order to eventually become a Network Administrator, I opted for sandwich courses, this way I could continue learning more but also practice, which is really important in my opinion.
So half time, Studies at Lycée Louise Michel and employed at Lycée Aristide Bergès as a member of the IT team the rest of the time, in order to obtain the equivalent of an Associate Degree.

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Contact Me

Well, if you're now convinced, or if you want more infos, feel free to leave me a message bellow.

Furthermore, be sure to leave your name as well as your contact informations so I know who I am talking to, and where to answer.
I'll do my best to reply as quick as possible ; still, please consider a few days before you'll get a reply.